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It's time to build the maritime industry. Let's join us.

We recognize the importance of human resources, therefore we continously looking for qualified human resources to achieve the company's goal together to become a world-class company in the maritime sector and building the maritime industry in Indonesia.

We implement the selection process with predetermined qualifications and competencies and by promoting equal opportunities between male and female candidates

Explore your career goals and join us.


image of Capt Joko Tritiktiar
Capt Joko Tritiktiar
Master/CaptainMT Griya Jawa

Alhamdulillah, I feel so grateful. I joined Humpuss starting as a Cadet in 1999 until now, I am a Master. I can't believe it's been 23 years.

I have gained many things, experiences, friends and relatives, perhaps because of the length of periode that I have been in this company, moving from one ship to another as well as places.

I'm not good at expressing how I feel by putting together beautiful and interesting words, but it's clear to me that experiences and memories are not easy to forget. We work, of course, we want to get remuneration / salary, but that's not the only thing, we also really need a sense of security and comfort.

Hopefully the company continuously grow better and positive, hence crew's welfare as frontliners will be increasing.

image of Raden Sigit Haryanto
Raden Sigit Haryanto
Chief EngineerLNG

More than half of my life has been a part of PT Humpuss mainly from the sailor's side, gained a lot of experiences, knowledge and memories from this company that I can't and will not forget.

It feels very nice to have a cool and solid team to work on board which is also always supported by the shore staff of MCSI and Humolco and I hope that in the future it will continue to survive and become more solid so that Humpuss will always be a leading company.

Hopefully Humpuss can improve its business, especially in the LNG sector by adding its LNG fleet, both LNG Vessels and LNG FSRUs along with contracts with related parties so that all domestic needs for LNG transportation can be fulfilled by Humpuss.

With the achievement of the above mentioned, I believe Humpuss will grow and improve the welfare of the company as well as its crew and employees.

image of Iwan Gunawan Arifianto
Iwan Gunawan Arifianto
No. 1 OilerKarmol Asia

First of all, I would like to thank Allah SWT and PT Humpuss of course. Alhamdulilah, to this day I am still blessed to be able to work at MCSI to be able to make my family and nephew happy.

I hope that Humpuss and MCSI will continue to grow and be successful so that they can protect the crew, employees, and of course the staff and Indonesian seafarers.

image of Ahmad Taib
Ahmad Taib
CookMT Griya Jawa

My statement during my serve time at Humpuss company. I thank PT Humpuss for giving me the opportunity to join and work for the company.

I feel comfortable having joined several ships managed by PT. Humpuss. I wish PT Humpuss more success and glory.

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